Your balls 4 my birthday Part 1

Your balls 4 my birthday Part 1

Lance was, tied up, and given 2 Vanessa Vixon as a personal toy 4 her birthday. She makes a deal with him, if his dick can measure up 2 Ten inches, she’ll let him keep his balls, but if not, he’s getting Nutted n they are getting added 2 her collection.

She pulls down his pants n measures his soft dick, and it’s not even close, so she kicks him in the balls n teases him. She’s wearing white pantyhose, a push up bra n a short skirt. He teasing his helping his cock size but the knees n kicks 2 his balls aren’t so much.

Vanessa gets down on the floor n measures her feet 2 compare 2 his dick. She then covers his cock with her foot n crushes it, also playing with his balls with some snap kicks. “Don’t whine, cause I’ll just hurt u more :)”

2 tease him even more, she gets some lube & starts 2 stroke his cock while he’s tie up. Her tits are amazing n her cruel smile cuts right through him. “If this doesn’t grow big enough, I am going 2 cut your balls off.”

He still doesn’t measure up hard, so she leaves him tied up 4 two days. She really wants him 2 experience blue balls one last time.

To Be Continued… And FULL

Keywords: Emasculation Threats, Ballbusting, Knees, Ball Slapping, Blue Balls, White Pantyhose, Short Skirt, Foot On Balls, SPH, Handjob, Femdom, Vanessa Vixon

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