Your balls 4 my birthday Part 2

Your balls 4 my birthday Part 2

On her return Vanessa is wearing a sexy teddy with her perfect boobs almost popping out, black pantyhose n high heels. She’s come back 4 his balls.

Vanessa goes over the different ways that she might remove them while Lance freaks out. There’s nothing he can do. She makes one last deal with him, because she wants him 2 suffer a little more. She tells him that she’s going 2 stroke his cock again, and if he can keep from coming, he can keep his balls one more day. So it’s either blue balls, and Emasculation tomorrow, or release and no balls :)

She jerks him off all over her teddy n pantyhose while he’s begging her 2 stop because he doesn’t want her 2 cut his balls off after.

Very hot clip.

Keywords: Free, Femdom, Emasculation Threats, Ballbusting, Knees, Ball Slapping, Cum On Pantyhose, Leotard, SPH, Handjob, Teasing

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