Your balls 4 my birthday

Your balls 4 my birthday

Lance was, tied up, and given 2 Vanessa Vixon as a personal toy 4 her birthday. She makes a deal with him, if his dick can measure up 2 ten inches, she’ll let him keep his balls, but if not, he’s getting Nutted n they are getting added 2 her collection.

She pulls down his pants n measures his soft dick, and it’s not even close, so she kicks him in the balls n teases him. She’s wearing white pantyhose, a push up bra and a short skirt. He teasing his helping his cock size but the knees n kicks 2 his balls aren’t so much.

Vanessa gets down on the floor n measures her feet 2 compare 2 his dick. She then covers his cock with her foot n crushes it, also playing with his balls with some snap kicks. “Don’t whine, cause I’ll just hurt u more :)”

To tease him even more, she gets some lube and starts 2 stroke his cock while he’s tie up. Her tits are amazing and her cruel smile cuts right through him. “If this doesn’t grow big enough, I am going 2 cut your balls off.”

He still doesn’t measure up hard, so she leaves him tied up 4 two days. She really wants him 2 experience blue balls one last time. On her return she is wearing a sexy teddy with her perfect boobs almost popping out, black pantyhose n high heels. She’s come back 4 his balls.

Vanessa goes over the different ways that she might remove them while Lance freaks out. There’s nothing he can do. She makes one last deal with him, because she wants him 2 suffer a little more. She tells him that she’s going 2 stroke his cock again, and if he can keep from coming, he can keep his balls one more day. So it’s either blue balls, and Emasculation tomorrow, or release and no balls :)

She jerks him off all over her teddy n pantyhose while he’s begging her 2 stop because he doesn’t want her 2 cut his balls off after.

Very hot clip.

Keywords: Femdom, Emasculation Threats, Ballbusting, Knees, Ball Slapping, Cumming On Pantyhose, Leotard, Short Skirt, Foot On Cock, Foot On Balls, Dick Meassuring, SPH, Handjob

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