Your Balls for My Sweaty Socks

Your Balls for My Sweaty Socks

Bella Love is wearing a leotard, argyle patterned pantyhose n some sweaty, dirty white socks. She wants to make a trade: Her disgusting sweaty socks 4 your balls. She knows u are jerking your little dick while she talks 2 u, because that’s all u do, and that’s the problem she wants to solve. Bella wants to rip your balls off with her bare hands, and u are going to let her. She’s going 2 take your balls n keep your manhood, but she’ll let u keep her sweaty socks.

Keywords: Masturbation Instruction, Pantyhose, White Socks, Smelly Socks, Socks Fetish, Emasculation Threats, Small Penis Humiliation, Femdom POV

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9 min

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