Your balls will ache before u cum

Your balls will ache before u cum

Roxanne bounces across the bed toward u in her white socks n spandex shorty shorts “Have u ever had blue balls before? [smile] U`re about 2 get them really bad…”

She pulls out your cock, lubes it up and strokes it while looking in your eyes. U watch her tits bounce while she giggles n talks about how sore n aching your balls are going 2 be because she is not going 2 let u cum.

“How bad to u wanna cum…? [innocent smile]”

Roxanne gets u right on the edge of cumming a couple times, stopping immediately each time n giggling about what a loser u`re, then turns around n lays on her stomach n wiggles her perfect ass right in front of u.

“Maybe I’ll let u cum in a couple of hours…”

She wants 2 make u suffer with blue balls 1st…

Later on, time has passed n Roxanne has enjoyed watching u suffer n making your balls ache… Now she is going 2 be nice n actually get u off.

She still humiliates u verbally, talking about how she really needs a bigger dick than what u have and how lame u`re as she strokes your hard cock. She peels down her shiny red high cut leotard 2 showou her perfect natural tits, and gazes into u with her big innocent eyes, belittling u the whole time.

As Roxanne milks your cock she makes a deal with u… She will finally let u cum, but she gets 2 keep u forever as her loser slave… Of course u can’t resist. U are balls are aching u want more than anything 2 cum all over her.

Keywords: Femdom POV, Handjob, Leotard, Cum On Pantyhose, Verbal Humiliation, Teasing

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