Your Hand, Your Computer n Your Wallet – Spoiled Brat Addict

Your Hand, Your Computer n Your Wallet – Spoiled Brat Addict

Hey loser, are u back 2 jerk your dick off to more humiliation? Of course u`re because youre a chronic masturbating freak n u`ll never be normal. U are gonna be jerking your pathetic dick 2 girls like me who are mean to u 4 the rest of your life. U just love it when hot brats put u in your place n tell u what a little loser u`re. U fucking love it. It turns u on so much. U are such a horny freak 4 hot bitchy girls like me being mean 2 u. What is wrong with u loser? How did u get so fucked up in the head?

U do realize how fucked u`re, dont u? U are a disgusting freak, a social outcast. And thats why youre hiding behind your computer screen jerking your cock every day 2 humiliation porn. U`ll never stop watching these clips because u cant cum without them anymore. If u tried 2 fuck a girl or watch normal porn your cock wouldnt even get hard. U are so addicted 2 this sh!t. that u`ll never be able 2 stop. And the only reason Im even talking 2 u is because u fucking pay 4 it. U have 2 pay even 4 me just 2 be mean 2 u. Otherwise Id just ignore u, and u need me so badly. So u happily cough up all that loser money because u know u have to pay just 4 me to be mean 2 u, to flip u off or flash u the loser sign, thats how fucking pathetic u`re.

This is your life loser. Its kind of sad n depressing but its also hilarious. I feed off of freaks like u. Junkies who cant get enough. I`m laughing all the way 2 the bank, my account if full of loser money from little freaks like u who need 2 pay just to get off. U have 2 pay 4 this just so u can have a little loser orgasm. U are so horny all the time, u cant keep your hands off your dick. You must be so ashamed of what u`re. U are probably so lonely because u spend all your time n all your money on this little habit of yours. Its a full blown addiction, u cant stop, u cant stop jerking your dick. U are obsessed with me n all of my hot bratty friends.

U`ll never be normal loser, this isnt just a phase. Its a life long obsession. U`ll never have a normal healthy relationship. No its just u n your hand n your computer & your wallet. And do u know why you jerkoff so much? Its a distraction from how fucked up n pathetic your life is. Its an endless little loser cycle. U are addicted, u are in too deep n theres no hope 4 u.

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