Your Last Orgasm

Your Last Orgasm

Princess Carmela walks over 2 the house slave sitting in its cage n teases it. She asks it if it would like 2 be let out of its cage. (It has been left in there 4 days by one of the other M3an G!r1s) She offers 2 let it out, but 1st it needs 2 put its ass up 2 the edge of the cage so she can inject the slave with a special serum. She just laughs as she does it but she doesn’t tell the slave what it is.

Then after administration of the mystery serum, she drags the slave out of its cage by its leash over 2 the new “slave milking machine”. She makes the slave insert its cock into the machine n laughs about how this is the closest thing a stupid slave will ever get 2 having sex with her. Because only her boyfriend gets HER pussy! Oh, and that serum that she injected it with? Once the slave is good n “warmed up” by the machine, Carmela gets in its face n seductively lets it know that it was a “last orgasm” serum! Basically, the next orgasm he has will be his LAST. He will collapse n DYE within 3 minutes of his next orgasm! After telling him this n laughing in his face, the slave spends the rest of video BEGGING Princess Carmela not 2 make him cum!!! (While Princess Carmela just laughs n uses the remote control 2 toy with the speed of the machine..)

After awhile the slave cant take it anymore n screams out that he is cumming!! Princess pulls the machine away as the slave is cumming (RUINING his last orgasm EVER – so he can’t even ENJOY it!) and then gets even MORE sadistic pleasure by telling it that the only “antidote” 4 the injection is 2 humiliate himself further by LICKING UP HIS OWN CUM! (Which will just entertain her even further…) She then laughs while he laps away at the floor at her feet by filling him in on one more little surprise…

Keywords: Femdom, Masturbation Instruction, Forced Male Orgasm, Female Domination, CEI, Princess Carmela

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