Your manhood is 4 sale 2 & 3

Your manhood is 4 sale 2 & 3

Cammy n Rene sit Lance down on the couch & tell him that now that they have busted his balls, it’s time 2 fuck. He’s really excited until Rene shows him her big purple strapon…

He doesn’t want to take it in the ass, but Cammy tells him in a sweet way, while she has his balls in her hand that she’s going 2 rip them off if he doesn’t do what they want.

Rene goes 2 town on his ass while Cammy teases him with her pussy. He has 2 sniff n smell her pussy, knowing he can’t have it while Rene humiliates him from behind. Cammy even pulls out a big pink dick n makes him suck it while he gets fucked.

They let him know that they are going 2 fuck him this way until he likes it, so he better just submit. If he doesn’t submit, they are going 2 cut his balls off

2 make sure that they are breaking his will, and turning him into what they want, Rene jerks his cock with lube while she rails his ass. He can’t help but love it. Right before he’s about 2 cum, Rene tells him that she going 2 cut off his balls and this will be his last orgasm ever. From now on he’ll only be taking it in the ass… They have completely turned him into their bitch now.

Keywords: Femdom, Strapon, Emasculation Talk, Shiny Tights, Lingerie, Teddy, Leotard, Humiliation, Pussy Smelling

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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