Your Sexy Boss is Nutting U

Your Sexy Boss is Nutting U

Your boss, Amanda Bryant, has pulled u in 4 a little meeting. She’s sick of your porn addiction, and you bothering the other women in the office, so she’s going 2 have u Nutted

She poses sexy n teases u 4 jerking your little dick to much

If u want to keep your job, your going to have 2 be Nutted

“U know what, I’ll even let u jerk off one last time right here in front of me :), but that’s it, then I get your balls.” She teases u into cuming in front of her so she can have your balls. U can’t resist her tight little dress n pantyhose as she crosses and un crosses her legs right in front of u, so you start to masterbate right in front of her. She can’t wait 4 u 2 cum so she can cut your balls off

“So u are still stroking your tiny little dick, so I guess I`m gonna get your balls after all…… before u cum, I am going to call in all the other women in the office so they can watch u get Nutted… they’re gonna wanna see this :)”

“Awe, are u scared to cum, are u scared to lose your little balls…….?” She gives u a count down to come, and tells u that she’s cutting off your balls whether your ready or not….

Keywords: Femdom POV, Emasculation Talk

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