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Crush Pasion – Goddess Chanel – Eat This You Piece Of Shit (1080 HD) – Spitting

Crush Pasion - Goddess Chanel - Eat This You Piece Of Shit (1080 HD) - Spitting

We decided to make a nice meal for our stupid slave dog. We put some food into a bowl and crush it under our sexy high heel shoes. We mix it all up with lots of our divine spit and ash from our cigarettes. Then we let the slave dog out of his cage and force him to eat all the disgusting shit.

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619 mb
18 min


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Bad Babysitter – Teasing

Bad Babysitter - Teasing

I LOVE to babysit. I do stuff…. like rub on his lil manhood to see how hard I can make him, how embarrassed I can get him. It’s not like he can escape…. sometimes I even make my little duct-taped victim cum, but what’s he gonna do? Tell his parents? Doubtfulllllll…..

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, TeaseAndThankYou, Christina QCCP, Bondage Male, Bondage, Tease & Denial, Tease, Denial, Teasing

306 mb
4 min


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Vicious Femdom Empire – Full Course Meal – Stephanie Wes – Ass Worship

Vicious Femdom Empire - Full Course Meal - Stephanie Wes - Ass Worship

Slaves are certainly spoiled in the house of Princess Stephanie West. She makes sure to give them their daily full course meal of her delicious ass and pussy. With pleasure will come pain though as Princess Stephanie rides his face while pulling on his tightly secured nipple clamps. She loves hearing her slave’s muffled screams under her ass as she makes them lick her divine holes to orgasm.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Femdom Empire, Stephanie West, Annilingus, Ass Worship, Assworship, Asslicking, Ass Licking, Big Butt

1361 mb
16 min


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Trampling Girls – Demanding trample mistress Lisa – Hot Femdom

Trampling Girls - Demanding trample mistress Lisa - Hot Femdom

Lisa’s going to give her slave a tough trampling today. She makes him kiss the soles of her high heels before she steps on his naked chest and then gets up and starts dancing on him. She stomps and jumps all over his chest wearing the dangerous high heels and laughs at the slave’s moaning and begging. After some serious high heel trampling she takes her shoes off, but now it’s even easier for her to keep her balance and she gets even rougher. She makes the slave sniff her stinky pantyhose and steps on his face with both feet. She also slaps him with her hands and feet before she gives him a stomping finale!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Pantyhose, Nylons, Trampling, Trample, Mistress Lisa, Lisa, Mistress, High Heels

121 mb
7 min


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Stella Liberty – Everyone Starts At Ground Level (1080 HD) – Foot Worship

Stella Liberty - Everyone Starts At Ground Level (1080 HD) - Foot Worship

Alrik’s quarterly earnings are low and he hasn’t managed to bring them up to par, despite a disciplinary action already taken by his boss and CEO after his last performance review. Stella feels the need to remind this up and coming employee that he is still just one of many of her minions. She instructs him to get under her desk so that he is out of sight while she finishes up a few correspondence letters. While crammed under the desk, Stella uses him as a foot stool and instructs him to clean her heels with his mouth. Despite his confusion over this form of office protocol, he is desperate to prove he is an asset to the company so he obliges. Stella reminds him that everyone starts at the ground level and works their way up. She makes him rub her feet and lick and suck her toes as a way to bring his ego down a notch. There’s no way this office slave is going to get very far without an endorsement from his superior. Stella loves having this power over her employees and makes sure they are willing to do anything to keep their jobs.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Stella Liberty, High Heels, Shoe Fetish, Foot Fetish, Heels Worship, Shoeslicking, Shoe Worship, Footworship, Footlicking, Foot Licking, Foot Worship

303 mb
8 min


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Sodomy Slaughterhouse – Cybill Troy and Goddess Tangent – Pegging

Sodomy Slaughterhouse – Cybill Troy and Goddess Tangent - Pegging

Cybill Troy has her good friend Goddess Tangent over for a visit. When these two beautiful and evilly perverted Ladies are looking for some fun, you know its about to get wonderfully nasty.

Miss Troy has her gimp laid out, ready and awaiting whatever his Mistress and her guest wish to do with him. With the mouth insert on the gimps transparent face mask clearly betraying the fear and excitement within, the two latex clad Dommes immediately home in on the mouth hole for the first of their intrusive bouts of fun.

Testing out the gimps ability to take their fingers, hands and spit into his latex mouth insert, Miss Troy and Goddess Tangent find that the insert has insufficient depth for the knuckle duster cock they want the gimp to gag on. So, off with the face attachment and in deep with the black cock. While Goddess Tangent forces the gimps head forward, Cybill Troy chokes out her gimp with one hand and rams her knuckle mounted cock deeper and deeper with her other. Unable to move and only able to submit to his Mistresses invasion of his throat, the gimp soon has copious amounts of spit and drool forming. With all that slippery spit, its only natural that Miss Troy & Goddess Tangent wish to continue the gag-a-thon but instead of the now meagre knuckle duster cock, it is with their hands. Both Mistresses take huge enjoyment deeply fucking the gimps mouth with their gloved hands. Deeper and deeper, one at a time, then two. Taking it in turns to gag, choke and get those salivary glands into overdrive.

With the mouth hole clearly stretched, open and willing. Miss Troy flips her gimps legs up and begins her relentless quest to open up all the holes.

She slams the tip of her black man-o-war strap on into her gimps asshole while he is dosed by Goddess Tangent. As she continues to fuck her gimp harder and harder Miss Troy folds the gimps legs right over, pining him down, so that Tangent may more easily force her large red strap on deeply down into the gimps throat.

As the pounding at both ends from the Mistresses large strapons increases, its oh so easy for Cybill Troy to deftly increase the amount of ass stretching with her hand and also cock.

Flipping their double ended fuck-toy onto all fours its now the turn of Goddess Tangent to invade the, by now willing asshole of their entertaining toy.

While dosed and choked by Miss Troy, the gimp is fucked hard and heartily by the large, unforgiving red cock of Goddess Tangent. By now, both Mistresses are of the opinion that their toy has been too well fucked and just is not fully respecting the cock onslaught being so graciously bestowed upon it. Its time to impale this slack jawed and open assed gimp-toy onto a monstrous cock…..

With Cybill Troy berating and commanding her now shattered gimp to back up onto her huge black cock, its inevitable that her gimp can only comply. Miss Troy fully takes ownership of her gimps innards with her seemingly endless dick.

Impaling her gimp, from tip to balls deep, again and again, Cybill Troy halts, only moments before utter gimp-destruction, as being an impeccable hostess, she feels its only right for Goddess Tangent to undertake the final organ rearranging and heart nudging deep fucking of their shattered, broken, now fully-fucked toy.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Cybill Troy, Dual Domination, Double Domination, Cybil, Goddess Tangent, Tangent, Latex, Rubber, Strapon, Anal Fucking, Anus Fucking, Ass Fucking, Dildo Fucking, Dildo, Anal, Anus, Ass, Pegging, Strap-On, Strap on

1314 mb
25 min


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Lady Roberta – Habits – Hot Femdom

Lady Roberta - Habits - Hot Femdom

Shoe Worship And Shoe Domination
Blond beauty Roberta is a very strong personality and of course she has her habits! One of them is that every night she enjoys to dominate her slave hard, she says that it gives her a good peaceful sleep! Roberta is back from a party looking gorgeous in her sexy dress, pantyhose and classic black high heels and her slave is ready to serve her!

Roberta traps her slave under a chair and she commands him to clean and shine her sexy black high heels, of course licking them. The slave starts licking and cleaning and Roberta humiliates him and abuses him verbally. She takes control when he gets slow and lazy, or he speaks to much and finally she uses his face as her footstool, covering it under her sexy high heels! Roberta crushes his mouth under her shoe and she fucks it with the heel, kicking him when he is not good! What a Goddess!

Foot Domination In Pantyhose
Roberta commands her slave to remove her shoes and she commands him to kiss her perfect feet. She covers his face under her feet and rubs them all over his face, burning it from the nylons! She gets dominant and she kicks and stomps his face and footsmothers him. Roberta relaxes her feet on his face and sometimes she smothers him without even notice. But after a while, she keeps dominating him under her pantyhosed feet!

BRUTAL Trampling And Facestanding In High Heels
Roberta commands her slave to take of his t-shirt and lay on the floor and she stands on him in her sexy black high heels and tramples him brutally! The stilleto heels dig into his flesh and make him moan in pain, but Roberta has fun from this and keeps trampling brutally his body and crush his dick and throat! She makes him worship her shoes while she stands on him and she shoegags him and of course she stands on his face full weight many times, trampling it under her sexy shoes!

INHUMAN Face Destruction (Facestanding, Facekicking, Facejumping)
After trampling him in high heels, Roberta now is in the mood to destroy his fucking face under her feet! She starts to stand on his face for long and when she goes off to his chest, she stomps and kicks it hard! She stands on his face in many positions and while she stands, she stopmps and kicks it, or jumps on it! The finish is VIOLENT, Roberta starts jumping on his face hard many times, living him down half passedout! EXTREME ACTION!

EXTREME Facesitting
Is time for a cigarette and Roberta uses of course his slave’s face to sit and smoke, smothering him under her! She has him on handcuffs and she totally enjoys to relax and smoke sitting on his face, feeling his agony for some more oxygen! Roberta finishes her cigarette and she gets more dominant, sitting full weight on his face and smothering him, kicking him hard on his body!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Lady Roberta, Roberta, Trampling, Shoe Fetish, Shoeslicking, Shoe Worship, Pantyhose, Nylons, Footdom, Foot Domination, High Heels, Brutal, Hard, Facestanding, Face Standing, Facesitting, Facesit, Face Sit, Face Sitting, Humiliation, Degradation

1258 mb
46 min


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Lady Bellatrix – The 60 Stroke Countdown – Caning

Lady Bellatrix - The 60 Stroke Countdown - Caning

In one of her sessions at her dungeon in Buckinghamshire, Lady Bellatrix give her houseboy sixty final strokes of her cane – each one for various accrued misdemeanors. Decked out in a latex catsuit, she instructs him to count down from sixty and thank her for each stroke. Perhaps it is the searing pain of the cane or maybe he is just too stupid to be capable of counting backwards, but his struggle is visible. By the halfway point, Bellatrix admires her work and notices that his backside is nice and shredded. See how he shudders and shakes and the caning intensifies. Rotating sides, she continues to land solid blows to his deserving red ass. When she gets down to the final ten strokes, the caning intensifies leaving him with some welts to remember her by. long after the session is over.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Hard, Brutal, Lady Bellatrix, Bellatrix, Caning, Bondage Male, Bondage, Cane, Canes, Canning

214 mb
9 min


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KinkyMistresses – Double Blowjob In Amsterdam – Madame Mysteria, Anita Divina – Strapon

KinkyMistresses – Double Blowjob In Amsterdam – Madame Mysteria, Anita Divina - Strapon

Mistress Anita Divina & Madame Mysteria met for their first joint video shoot in Amsterdam and got along very well right away. They have decided to fuck a Slave together with their hard rubber cocks deep into his mouth and try to put both strapon at the same time into his slave mouth.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Anita Divina, Madame Mysteria, Latex, Rubber, KinkyMistresses, Mistress, Dual Domination, Double Domination, Dildo Sucking, Cocksucker, Strap-On Sucking, Strapon, Dildo, Strap-On, Strap on

247 mb
8 min


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