0ur Pr0p3rty – B3at3n up by gruel girls!

0ur Pr0p3rty - B3at3n up by gruel girls!

Two devious, young women in sexy outfits lure a young man in their bedroom just 2 beat him up like hell! The sadistic women enjoy perverted bed games of domination n female brutality. The weaker sex get hit in the penis n testicles with a wooden spoon! Then by her cruel hands. They play around with his dick n as his cock get excited they beat his boner up n down like crazy. They force him 2 masturbate in front of them, order him 2 stop n kick him in the balls while he sticks out his huge hard dick. Unbelievable how many hard hits his cock gets… a wonder that he manages 2 squirt, under all those beatings, right on the floor… Then he get a goodbye beating from the cruel girls.

Keywords: Femdom, CBT, Ballbusting, Young Mistress

409 mb
10 min

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7 thoughts on “0ur Pr0p3rty – B3at3n up by gruel girls!

  1. hi too late to say Thank u 4 LADY SOPHIA BLACK but really thank u. can u plz reupload LADY SOPHIA BLACK from w0manw0rship like ” shy ” & ” email ” & ” whips ” & ” dirt ” thanks

      1. Thanks very much her clips from w0manw0rship is great, i have depfile.com links of her videos but these require premium, that links can be helpful for u?

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