1st Trample 4 Princess Chanel

1st Trample 4 Princess Chanel

OMG we look so hot in these sparkly gowns! Me & Princess Chanel have soo much fun trampling my chastity slave. Our heels are super hot too… check them out in the extra footage I got with the close up cam, haha! Princess Chanel gets him good n digs the heels in and u can see the red marks when she move them! We get on n off so he can breathe & recover a little n then step on him some more! He’s all like “Please Stop, Please Stop”, haha! Sometimes I`m standing on the slave and I see Princess Chanel looking at me like whatever haha! Its like we dont even notice this guy grunting in pain underneath us, LOL!

Oh, and that shiny sparkly metal thing u can see in the preview pictures on my ankle? Yeah, that’s his chastity key dangling from my ankle right in his face WHILE I`m stomping all over him! LOL! I just think that’s so funny…

Princess Cindi

Keywords: Trampling, Princess Cindi, Fetish, Femdom, Young Mistress, Female Domination

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