A Shocking Good Time

A Shocking Good Time

Time 4 some laughs at our new young slave’s expense. Princess Bella and I absolutely LOVE using the dawgg shocker on new slaves balls! We just love 2 laugh and laugh hysterically at slaves in pain! It is SO funny that we can do anything we want to these losers! We even spit in his mouth and make him lick the dirt off the bottom of our shoes- AS we`re shocking him! And there is nothing he can do because he has his hands cuffed behind his back while he is in his cage- so he couldn’t get the ballshocker off even if he tried! LOL. And he is in agony n begging us not 2 shock his nuts on LEVEL 10, LOL! But we will tease him with our bare feet to “motivate” him to TAKE it 4 us! (Can u believe this slave actually COMPLAINED about how dirty the bottom of our shoes were and how smelly our sweaty feet were! How DARE he!??) Little bitch needed to pay…

btw sometimes the prongs touched his balls and made him practicaly JUMP out of his cage, and other times he was able 2 “take it” either because OUR feet were in his mouth lol… so pathetic that our FEET are like pacifiers to these foot-freaks…
Princess Cindi

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