ABDL Slave 4 Life

ABDL Slave 4 Life

U wake up naked, hairless n restrained in a large crib. Before u ina beautiful woman, cooing at u as if u were a tiny infant. I tell u that I am your new Mommie! I purchased u from a very special company that finds men like u n places them with dominant woman like me. It seems that u’ve been having fantasies of living like a baby. Well, all your dreams are coming true. From now, I own u & u`ll be my diapered little man forever. I will feed u, change u n regress u until you have the mind of a newborn. U’ll grow 2 love your new Mommie more than anything. Now don’t struggle, little boy. The regression process can be intense, but I have no doubt u’ll adapt beautifully. This is what you wanted after all…

Keywords: Femdom POV, Adult Diaper, Humiliation, Age Regression, Diaper Discipline, Diapers, Diaper Fetish

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