Alice Traps Johnny in the Locker Room

Alice Traps Johnny in the Locker Room

Johnny just finished working out, and a girl he noticed in the gym walks in on him changing in the locker room. At 1st he is shy and started that she is in the men’s locker room, but she seems so forward about what she wants, he quickly gets turned on.

Just when he thinks he is about 2 have an awesome locker room quickie with a hottie from the gym, Alice makes it clear that she is a little nutty. She likes 2 knee boys in the balls. Johnny thinks maybe she is just a little kinky, and tries 2 play along at 1st, because she starts out light n playful with the knees n grabs 2 his balls. Then she gets harder n meaner with the ball abuse and he starts to get scared, after she gives him a solid kick to the balls n drops him to the ground “Awe, but u are such a big strong man, how come that hurts? [smile].”

Johnny still wants 2 get laid, so he thinks that if he plays along n tells her he can take more, it will get him somewhere, but she just reels back n kicks him hard in the balls while he’s down.

She grabs him by the balls while he’s on the ground n sweetly tells him that she’s not going 2 stop until she breaks his fucking balls, “But u’ll let me, right? [smile]”

Alice continues 2 tease n encourage him to keep playing with her, but the abuse doesn’t stop, until he’s on the ground, bewildered with sour nuts.

This is not over, Alice thinks she made a new play friend, and she will be back 4 more…

Johnny’s balls are still recovering a couple days later. He went back 2 the gym 4 a workout, and Alice found him in the locker room again. Now she’s taken her leotard off, and she’s just wearing fishnets, panties n high heels.

Johnny is very apprehensive about “playing” with crazy Alice again, but she is very flirty n convincing, and soon has by the balls again. He still doesn’t get it, and tries 2 get her to hook up with him. Alice leads him on, but only to get more opportunities to hurt his balls n laugh while he squirms…

She rips off his towel 2 reveal that he has his underwear on. She makes fun of him 4 covering himself with a towel while he gets dressed, “Awe, are u scared the other boys will see u naked…?” then goes back 2 kneeing his balls.

Alice is light n playful at 1st, she knows she has 2 really sink her hooks in before he’ll let her completely break his balls…

She plays teasey games with him with knees n teasing, but eventually drops him with a solid knee, then steps on his nuts with her high heels while he’s down, “Awe, I think I really did hurt them…”

Alice tells Johnny that if he doesn’t give up his balls, she will remove them from him, then bends over n smothers his face with her sexy ass while she grabs his balls and pulls on them. She smothers his face and squeezes his balls, giggling the whole time until he goes limp from her rupturing his balls, then she walks away disappointed… “Great, I broke another one…”

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