Aliceinbondageland – Inflatable Latex Sleepsack Hypnosis – Slave Gumbi CBT

Aliceinbondageland - Inflatable Latex Sleepsack Hypnosis - Slave Gumbi CBT

Gumbi Inflatable Latex Sleepsack Hypnosis

Give a man an orgasm and he will forget about it in a few days.

DENY a man that same orgasm and he will remember it for the rest of his life.

It is my slave’s SIXTH week in unrelenting chastity. This is a real treat, to be in the Gates of Hell means a lot less pain and room to get almost fully erect. Think of it as a limited opportunity to stretch coupled with sadistic tease n denial! Even while his dick is locked up, there are plenty of erogenous zones available for me to play with.

This is the most gentle chastity device that he has worn in a long time. The spike marks from the Kali’s Teeth Bracelet are still clearly visible, a lasting warning not to test my patience. For now, he has gained a reward.

Completely bound.
Completely encased.
Completely helpless.
Completely at my mercy.

My air compressor makes a lot of noise but instantly makes the inflatable bondage as tight as he can handle. His cock is straining so hard within the rubber prison that you can see it bulging and flexing beneath the layers.

“It is going to be at least another week before I even consider allowing u to have an orgasm, and then only if you are very lucky!”

People in the bdsm community sometimes take the term slave very lightly. Through repeated hypnosis using trigger words, I`m reprogramming him to be my property. I use the term in a very literal way. I own him. He is an extension of my will.

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