Amadahy and Lola – Moon Sisters share Menstruation Slave

Amadahy and Lola – Moon Sisters share Menstruation Slave

Amadahy n Lola are “moon sisters,” meaning, they menstruate in synch with each other. It’s a very special thing between Women. Amadahy has generously offered to share her slave with Lola for a moon sisters bonding ritual. Together, they feed Amadahy’s slave their mixed menstrual fluid. Each girl has collected a cup of her monthly blood. They pour their separate monthly blood into one cup. (Lola’s is mixed with a little pee). The cup contains some vodka, which oxidizes the blood and turns it a beautiful dark ruby. Then, they remove their saturated tampons n add them to the “bloody mary.” The slave drinks it all down. Amadahy n Lola spit into the cup to ensure that the slave gets every drop. The slave obediently scrapes the cup to get even a stubborn menstrual clot stuck to the bottom. Good male! Amadahy rewards it by washing everything down with Her pee. After the slave has been filled, Lola reveals a day old maxi pad she’s saved. It has a nice clot stuck to it. They place the used tampons into the slave’s mouth and tape the maxi pad over its face. Girls should never have to suffer through their periods alone! That’s why they have moon sisters n male slaves!

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