Amadahy Jenna & Jennifer – Ballbusting the Pig into Bacon

Amadahy Jenna n Jennifer – Ballbusting the Pig into Bacon

Amadahy, Jenna, and Jennifer decide 2 tie up and ball bust the house pig. They tie the pig up against the kitchen island. Its not going anywhere! They have absolutely no reason 2 ballbusting this particular pig, the trio of Princesses is just that sadistic n cruel. They tie the piggys little dick out of the way with a noose. The trussed up piggy is terrified. The sexy Princesses kick the pathetic pig with their tall black boots over n over again until piggy drops 2 the ground. The pig wont get up. Maybe its broken. Empress Jennifer gives the beast a stern talking to. It stands back up n assumes the kick-bag position. The Princesses wrap towels around the pigs legs 2 help hold the legs in place n keep it upright. With the reinforcements in place, Mistress Amadahy resumes kicking. The Princesses kick the piggy hard until the stuff coming from its openings starts staining their tights.

Keywords: Femdom, Amadahy, Jenna Ivory, Empress Jennifer, Female Domination, Brat Girls, Ball Kicking, Mistress, Ballbusting, Bondage, Free

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