Amadahy – Whipped Without Mercy [Brat Princess 2]

Amadahy – Whipped Without Mercy [Brat Princess 2]

Amadahys slave begs on its knees for its yearly release from chastity. Amadahy reminds the slave that it is not allowed to request anything of Her. Amadahy not only denies the slave its chance for release, She beats it 4 its impudence. I told u to never, ever ask Me to get out of chastity, She reminds the slave as She takes a flogger to its hide. The slave trembles with fear. Amadahy whips the slave without mercy. Soon, its gasping in pain n crying out. Amadahy ignores its tears n returns with a more severe whip. She pushes the slave to the ground with her heel. Humble yourself. Amadahy presses Her heel into the slaves back as She beats it. The slave wails. Amadahy tosses her long red hair from Her beautiful face. She chooses a long single tail next. The slave is terrified. It cries out and opens with just the 1st few lashes. Amadahy hand smothers the crying slave n spits in its face. She continues to lash it. When She tires of the sounds it makes, She stuffs a pair of panties in its open mouth. Amadahy holds the slave in its place, on the ground beneath Her heel, as She beats it. The slaves distress is palpable. Sweat pours from its brow, tears from its eyes. The sounds it makes become increasingly less human n more primal. Its trembling finally gives way to stillness. Amadahy beats the quiet body for a bit longer. She examines it. Not a spot of its flesh was missed. U`re humbled, She says with pleasure.

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom, Amadahy, Brat Princess 2, Whipping, Free, Flogging, Hand Smothering, Chastity

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