Amandas Card Game

Amandas Card Game

Amanda Bryant is wearing a plaid short skirt, white tights, and a plaid bra. She wants to play a card game with the slave. If she pulls a number card, then she’s going 2 kick him in the balls according 2 the number. But if it’s a face card, she’ll take off an article of clothing. She’s very playful as she destroys his balls n gets him hard at the same time with her teasing. After a few direct kicks the slave complains that he can’t take it anymore, and that he thinks she might have broke one of his balls. She giggles n tells him that if he gives up she’s going 2 take his balls and keep them.

After he can’t stand anymore she tries 2 encourage him by rubbing her perfect ass in his face. “It’s okay if u can’t stand, I can kick u right where u`re…..”

While he’s down n moaning, she sizes up her pantyhose covered foot over his cock n balls, “Now spread your legs 4 me or I’ll kick u even harder……”

”We could just quit now if I tear your balls off ” He begs 4 her not 2 tear his balls off with her bare hands…

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Young Mistress

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