Anything 4 Money

Anything 4 Money

This weirdo loser was broke n practically starving and so he saw our videos online n wrote an email 2 us BEGGING that he would do ANYTHING we wanted 4 even just a little bit of money. LOL! Sooo fucking PATHETIC! So we thought it would be fucking hilarious if we degraded him & made him beg for 20 Dollars haha! (And of course FILM it 4 our store too so we can totally profit off humiliating the fuck out of this asshole!)

Princess Cindi “made it rain” on this loser as I made him ruin his asshole with the largest size butt-plug that we had! I guess if your only food money has 2 come from begging the meanest girls on earth 2 humiliate u on video then u have really reached rock-bottom. And we`re rich from owning n abusing our slaves anyway, so that is like nothing 2 us. And this poor pathetic fuck has 2 BEG 4 our pocket-change like a fool. LOL

Princess Cindi said she has literally never met a more pathetic human being in her life, haha! My personal fav part of the clip is when she says 2 the asshole “Don’t stop fucking yourself, twinkle toes!” HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Princess Carmela

Keywords: Carmela, Princess Cindi, Young Mistress, Femdom, Humiliation, Female Domination

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