Ariana Marie Blue Balls Edges & Milks

Ariana Marie Blue Balls Edges & Milks

[This is “Smothered Ignored Edged and Denied” n “Edged & Milked by Ariana” in one full clip 4 a discount]

Ariana is talking on the phone 2 one of her hot girlfriends while she straddles Lance’s face. She is totally ignoring his muffled moans while she toys with his cock and smothers his face under her sexy ass and panties. She lubes up his cock, but keeps talking 2 her girlfriend about how they are going clubbing that night 2 be total sluts and get fucked by some huge dicks.

Ariana clearing loves riding guys faces. She really knows how 2 move her hips while she strokes his cock. She wants 2 make his cock throbbing hard before she denies his orgasm n gives him blue balls. When she gets him right 2 the edge of cumming she stops, waits a second, then slowly strokes. She wants him fully gooned…

She doesn’t care how bad he wants it, she doesn’t let him cum. She just grinds his face with her ass n pussy. Then she leaves him aching with blue balls, 4 now…

Ariana returns 2 Lance, now in different panties n thigh high socks. She is going 2 get him off now, but she is going 2 take her time with his blue balls…

She sits on his face n strokes, then sits next 2 him and throws her sexy leg over him. She teases his lubed up thobbing cock with a couple fingers, then strokes hard 2 edge him, then goes back 2 two fingers, over n over.

She straddles him, so her sexy ass is on his stomach, and giggles and plays with her hair with one hand n toys with his cock with the other. She uses both hands 2 stroke to get him 2 the edge quick, then stops again. “Beg 4 it if u really want 2 cum!”

Ariana milks his cock out with both hands until he cums on her stomach n panties, then immediately she tells him 2 leave.

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