Arm Wrestling Foot Job

Arm Wrestling Foot Job

Lance Hart is at a house party, challenging people 2 arm wrestling. Dre Hazel notices him. She is fit n strong. She is wearing leggings, pantyhose, ballet flats and a sports bra.

“I’ll take u on,” she she says. Lance looks her up and down n smiles. “Let’s make is interesting…” he says. “If I win, I get 2 fck u.”

Dre giggles. “If I win, u have 2 worship my feet right here. And I’ve been wearing these pantyhose all day. They stink…”

As they begin 2 arm wrestle, Dre inches her feet into Lance’s crotch. She beats him the 1-st time with the simple distraction of teasing his cock with her feet. Lance is angry she’s cheating, but he’s horny n wants 2 win.

She beats him the next two times by stomping his balls while they arm wrestle.

“So are ready 2 worship some feet?” Dre knees Lance in the balls, drops him the ground, calls him a loser n shoves her foot in his mouth. She stands over him instructing him just how 2 worship her stinky pantyhose feet. When he doesn’t do it right, she stomps his cock & balls.

“Get on your back” she orders. Lance lays down below her. She sits on the sofa and puts one foot on his face and the other on his cock. He has a raging hard on, and she humiliates him about it. Then she gets curious about his cock n pulls it out.

She makes him sniff her smelly ballet flats while she works his cock with her feet.

Dre gives him a slightly rough pantyhose foot job with some ball play and makes him cum on her feet and calls him a loser.

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