Asian Cruelty – Broken By The Pain Cane – Goddess Miki

Asian Cruelty – Broken By The Pain Cane - Goddess Miki

Few are as proficient with a vicious rattan cane as myself. Such torments were of course, invented by my superior race thousands of years ago. The cane is such a delicate, unassuming instrument, but the effects are both powerful and undeniable. Relentlessly, I strike the soft, tender flesh of my bound pet. Over and over, my cane whizzes through the air, before finding its mark.

The pain is nothing less than excruciating. It slashes and burns the skin instantaneously, and then dissipates relatively quickly. Until the next strike of course. The beautiful marks my cane strokes leave on his exposed ass cheeks will linger for several days, reminding him of my absolute power over him.

So I strike, and I strike, and I strike again. Until he has no choice but to beg for my divine mercy. But unfortunately for him, I`m not in a generous mood. And so his punishment will continue, until I break him. Both mind and body must fall. His will must surrender to mine. And it shall. Perhaps another five hundred strokes of my pain cane will yield the results I wish.

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