Asian Cruelty – ONLY PAIN AND SUFFERING – Empress Jeun

Asian Cruelty – ONLY PAIN AND SUFFERING - Empress Jeun

My insubordinate slave is bound tightly to my inescapable steel bondage web, shackled at the wrists and ankles, heavy leather straps spread tightly across his back and legs to hold him firmly in place. Should I slip a ball gag into his mouth? No, I think I would prefer to be entertained by his pleas for mercy.

My leather riding crop will bring never ending agony to his puny cock, while I laugh at his misfortune. And my vicious cat of nine tails will tear at my victims flesh like a thousand, red hot razor blades. Both of course bruise and welt the skin upon impact, but even more deliciously, they send a burning, painful message throughout every fiber in his body which lingers long after the whip strike. Before the pain even begins to dissipate, the next strike of my whip n crop are upon him.

The pain is relentless, and grows exponentially. I attach medical hemostat clamps tightly to his nipples and tug n pull until they literally tear away the flesh. His punishment is intense, relentless and unforgiving, and deservedly so. It is intended to break him, show him emphatically who is his owner. His desperate screams for mercy will fall on deaf ears tonight, as there`ll be no mercy. There`ll be no reprise. There will be no forgivness. Only pain n suffering. This unruly slave needs a strict attitude adjustment. He is severely in need of obedience training. And this shall be accomplished tonight. Helplessly bound to a massive steel chain spider web, 1st I tease and arouse him with my seductive touch.

I stand so close to him, I whisper in his ear, the scent of my perfume fills his nostrils. I promise him everything he could possibly wish for, and give him nothing. Now that I`ve his attention, we begin his punishment.

A series of sharply edged clamps, attached to lengths of chain, are used on his nipples, septum, ears, and more, to bring this fool to heel. The razor sharp edges bite into his flesh like mini bear traps. The pain is excruciating, and it grows exponentially with each passing second. For a little extra emphasis, I pull on his chains n laugh in his face, as he screams in agony. Does he beg for mercy? Of course he does, but it wont be coming his way any time soon.

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