Asian Cruelty – SURRENDER YOUR MIND AND BODY TO ME – Astro Domina

Asian Cruelty – SURRENDER YOUR MIND AND BODY TO ME - Astro Domina

This pet can typically endure the excessive level of pain n suffering I wish to bestow on him. But what I have in store for him today, will surely take him to the brink of his pain threshold. I`m in a particularly sadistic mood, so he has no option but to accept my delicious pain.

Systematically I break him down, 1st his body, then his spirit, with a series of strikes from my dreaded Thrasher Whip. Blow after excruciating blow, I bruise n welt his ass scarlet red with the thick leather tresses of my glorious whip. The harsh leather strikes the flesh with a resounding clap and immediately tears into his baby soft flesh with ease in a matter of seconds. Strike after excruciating strike, I rip into him, as his body wilts before me.

I then turn my attention to his upper torso and pummel his back and shoulders, until his body collapses beneath my boot heels from my relentless assault. Beg n plead as he`ll, I do not relinquish my power over him. Not until I`m ready. Not until he completely surrenders to me. When I do finally choose to end his suffering, this slave will drop n grovel before me, thank me, and beg for his next opportunity to please me again by surrendering his mind n body to me in this manner. There can be no other way.

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