Asian Cruelty – WHIPPED FOR MY ENTERTAINMENT! – Siren Hikari

Asian Cruelty – WHIPPED FOR MY ENTERTAINMENT! - Siren Hikari

With my disobedient slave strung up and utterly helpless, he is about to receive a much deserved and long overdue beating for his impertinence. I`ll derive great pleasure from tormenting this one. I`ll amuse and entertain myself with his pain and anguish. And in the process, I`ll clearly remind him once and for all of his place and purpose in my world. That place is to serve my needs and wishes unconditionally. Nothin more, nothing less.

And so, as he stands here naked, vulnerable and at the mercy of my sadistic whims, I use an unassuming but appropriately painful short leather quirt on his back n ass. Each strike from this whip feels like a red hot poker burning the flesh. The pain is excruciating to say the least, as evidenced by the look on his face. Strike after painful strike, my whip welts and bruises his back and ass as I relentlessly ravage his body.

Next, a four foot snake whip, to rip and tear his soft flesh like warm butter. I simply love the sound of this whip as it whizzes through the air and the cracking sound it makes just before it strikes my victim. The look on his face is so amusing. Fear, uncertainty, dread, anticipation. My whip leaves his back welted n lacerated in mere seconds. The marks will last for weeks. And the memories will last an eternity.

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