Asian Cruelty – WHIPPED WITH A VENGEANCE! – Goddess Mia Li

Asian Cruelty – WHIPPED WITH A VENGEANCE! - Goddess Mia Li

In this display of sadism and Female Superiority, I use not one, not 2, but THREE DIFFERENT WHIPS to cut my pet down to size. 1st I rip him a new asshole with my dreaded Thrasher Whip, which serves to bruise and welt his ass cheeks in mere seconds.

Next, I break out a vicious braided leather galley whip to tear the baby soft flesh on his back to ribbons. With this whip his moans and groans quickly escalate to full blown wailing n tears.

Lastly, my favorite four foot leather bullwhip. This whip is the great equalizer and truly separates the men from, well their sanity. As this whip is among the most painful I own. I love the sound of it as the whip cuts the air at the speed of sound n cracks like a thunderclap as it strikes his body. Now he is begging n pleading for any ounce of mercy I may have. But mercy is not on the menu for this evening. Only pain, pain and more pain!

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