Asian Cruelty – YOU ARE MY PAIN PUPPET – Goddess Luna Li – Part 1-3

Asian Cruelty - YOU ARE MY PAIN PUPPET - Goddess Luna Li - Part 1-3

Part 1: Please welcome our newest Asian Domina to Asian Cruelty, LA based Goddess Luna li. Luna is a gorgeous, cruel and extremely sadistic FemDom and you can easily see that she thoroughly relishes her Dominant and sadistic power over men. Please watch for several clips from Goddess Luna Li in the coming weeks.

Helpless, naked and vulnerable, tonight much like every night, my pain puppet will receive his daily beating. Why u may ask? Because it serves to keep him in his proper place, and because he needs and loves my sadistic gifts. And very simply, because I can.

Alternating between a myriad of painful leather paddles, I rip the flesh from his ass until he begs for mercy. But his pleas fall on deaf ears, as I stop when I decide to stop. Not before. And never before he has been given a proper attitude adjustment and he truly knows his rightful place and who owns his ass.

So tonight much like every night, his punishment will go on and on and on. Relentlessly n without remorse. As I condition both his mind and body to crave the sweet sensation of pain and surrender. And after his body n will have been broken, it is his soul that I shall possess.

Part 2: What choice do you have? If u dream of becoming MY slave, then you`ve absolutely no choice but to surrender your mind, body and soul to my sadistic whims. Your pain after all, is my pleasure.

I need no reason to make my slaves suffer. No pretentious excuse or role play scenario. I do so, simply because I want to. And because all my weak little pain puppets are instructed to lower themselves to me and endure whatever punishments or pleasures I choose to bestow on them. This particularly lucky slave is enjoying my attention in the form of a rather severe ass beating, utilizing two of my most severe leather paddles, and an extremely vicious hard wood fraternity paddle.

With each n every painful blow, his ass is reminded exactly who he belongs to. His body begins to wilt and break down under my assault. His will begins to drift away, replaced by devotion n compliance. His welts and bruises may last for only a few days. But the deep scars I leave on his psyche will last a lifetime.

Part 3: Helpless to my sadistic whims, my slave will be pushed to his limits n beyond. He is not a pain slut, but I`m in a particularly surly mood today, and so I`ll impose my will and desire to inflict pain upon him, and he is powerless to resist or refuse. Eventually, he`ll succumb to my delicious pain, and inevitably beg me for more. And more he shall have, as I`m a most benevolent sadist.

I love the manner in which his body quivers and trembles uncontrollably with every blow on his ass cheeks. His screams and pleas for mercy only serve to incite me further, as I push his limits further n further, beyond his wildest dreams and darkest nightmares. But oh, how he`ll come to love my sadistic seduction. You will become my pain puppet. Take it puppet. Wiggle that ass for me as I beat you relentlessly. Gyrate for me as I pound your butt black and blue. And then beg me for more.

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