ASIAN MEAN GIRLS – A New Slave’S First Introduction To Ball Busting – Princess Jennifer

ASIAN MEAN GIRLS – A New Slave’S First Introduction To Ball Busting - Princess Jennifer

Princess Jennifer LOVES to kick, smash, and crush her slaves’ worthless cock and balls. She says it truly serves to remind them how helpless and defenseless they`re to her, and how she can do virtually anything she pleases to her property. It also serves to further remind them that their once most prized possessions are of no value to Princess. And so she will systematically bust them whenever and however she chooses until she renders them completely useless, transforming her slaves into EUNUCHS, whose only purpose is to work harder n make more money for her!

Having only owned this new Asian slave boy for a few short weeks; it is already time to formally introduce his nutsack to Princess’ beautiful stilettos n feet. Bent over the kitchen counter, Jennifer starts him off with a few quick kicks to his ball sack, dropping him to his knees. Jennifer looks so seductive and powerful, as she casually keeps her knee and foot up in position, cocked n loaded, and ready to deal the next blow. When he drops to the floor in agony, Princess knows exactly how to add insult to injury by instructing him to lick her shoes, as she asks “how do your balls taste?”.

Entertained with her slaves willingness to suffer for her, Princess then grabs her training paddle and goes to town on his ass, beating him till his butt turns her favorite color, rose red. She then instructs him to get on all fours and prepare himself for more ballbusting. In a state of terror, he cannot control his legs from instinctively closing to protect his nuts but Jennifer simply yanks his head back by his hair and whispers seductively into his ear, “open your legs or I will kick you harder!” Recognizing her slave is on the verge of breaking, Jennifer meters out one final blow to his nuts to finish him off and he collapses into a state of unconsciousness.

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