Asian Mean Girls – Sexy In Your Face! – Goddess Maxine [Face Sitting, Human Ashtray]

Asian Mean Girls – Sexy In Your Face! - Goddess Maxine [Face Sitting, Human Ashtray]

Goddess Maxine is an avid smoker, she enjoys it and finds it sexy, she loves the feel and taste of the warm smoke as it wisps gracefully down her throat. She loves to watch the small gray plumes as they make way in the air and ride along any current or just hang there billowing until they dissipate to nothingness

Maxine really enjoys it when her slave is a non smoker, or is offended by its aroma.

She finds it amusing and degrading to make her slave inhale and gag on her second hand smoke. To allow him to get so close to her that he can smell her and then fill his face with that, that is disgusting to him. To watch him struggle with it, his lips wanting her, but not having her not even a hint of her aroma as all is now masked in smoke!

Yet her slave will endure for her, he will try to crawl close to her to only be pushed back upon her every exhale. He will serve as her ashtray n willingly taste what so profoundly disgusts him. Oh yes Goddess Maxine finds smoking very sexy, very sexy indeed as her slave sits defiled, naked n broken before her all the want in his eyes!! Oh yes! Thats Sexy!!!

But when her slave cannot take anymore, when she’s enjoyed her cigarette and now just wants to sit and relax, she decides that her slave will still need to fight. He may be where he desires, his face firmly planted between her lavish buttocks, butt there will be no enjoyment for this squirmy little maggot not while he’s struggling for every breath as the goddess sits atop him smiling with joy.

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