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Asian Mean Girls - You Must Suffer For Your Art - Miss Kiko - Face Slapping

Asian Mean Girls - You Must Suffer For Your Art - Miss Kiko - Face Slapping

Kiko has an appointment with a trendy downtown artist to unveil a piece for an art show next week. She commissioned the work for the sum of $50,000 for a gallery opening she put her life’s work into organizing for the last year. The artist unveils the piece to her and the nincompoop turned out to be a complete fraud. He merely took a fire extinguisher and a cinder block and tried to pass it off as a piece of high end art.

Outraged by this swindle, Kiko forces him to his knees and face slaps the hell out of him over and over again. She also spits in his face, and verbally emasculating him for minutes at a time expressing her displeasure. She demands an explanation but all she gets are the weak excuses and feeble explanations of a lame wannabe artist so Kiko demands a pound of flesh for his offense.

Kiko further demands a refund of the $25,000 deposit (which of course the loser does not have). All he can do is offer himself as a slave to her until such time as he works off the debt. But the creepy guy is not even worth her time. So Kiko gets her money’s worth by beating the out of him till she has her satisfaction. Maybe if she beats him long enough Kiko can make some art of her own on his face. You can guarantee one way or another Kiko is walking out of the gallery with a work of art.

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