Asian Mean Girls – You Will Pay Either Way! – Kimmy Lee [Face Slapping, Humiliation]

Asian Mean Girls – You Will Pay Either Way! - Kimmy Lee [Face Slapping, Humiliation]

It’s been 31 days of chastity for my slaves, and it’s their milking day. I live with the philosophy anything good comes at a price, so I inform my slaves to show up to their milking with wads of cash. I have them stroke their pathetic cocks, but they must payfor the privilege of touching themselves. After a short time they ask me if they can have some lube, so I offer my spit, but again they have to pay for it.

I demand wads of cash as I turn to them and spit on their loser cocks, and they start stroking away. Soon their hands go dry again, and they ask me for more spit. Well, I know how stimulated they are now, so I ask for more money. This goes on a few times, and before you know it they’re paying me hundreds of dollars for my spit. I just hope they cum before they run out of cash!

You would think they would appreciate being the slaves of a sexy, demanding, Asian beauty like myself, but no, they have to screw it up! I let them out of chastity, and both were unable to cum at my command, and now they’re going to pay. This month I’m putting spikes in their chastity devices; maybe that will motivate them to follow my command.

Still, they need to answer for their poor performance, so I give them a good hand spanking. Like two little boys, I bend them over a bench and give them a brutal hand spanking till their butt cheeks turn a rosy red. In seconds, they both start crying like ; they are such wimps. I alternate between slaves, giving them a series of hard slaps to their asses. Their cries get louder and louder with each turn. Of course, I have no sympathy for them; I know it’s all for their own good.

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