Ass Addiction Therapy

Ass Addiction Therapy

Lance Hart can’t stop looking at butts. He’s worried it may ruin his marriage. Dr Sarah Diavola came highly recommended as a shrink who could help him.

She believes in “immersion therapy” where she must immerse her patient with their obsession. So she sits on his face n smothers him with her big amazing ass.

Dr Sarah explains that this therapy has two parts. One wear she smothers his face with her ass, and the other where she smacks him in the balls and squeezes his nuts when he gets an erection.

As she rides n smothers his face, she pulls out his cock n abuses the fck out of his balls, ignoring his muffled screams beneath her ass.

Dr Sarah Diavola teaches her patient who is obsessed with women’s asses 2 view asses in a whole new way… by railing his ass hard with her strap-on

Dr Sarah explains 2 Lance as she pounds his ass that this will be saving his marriage. She has already spoken to his wife, who is more than thrilled to be fucking him at home this way regularly.

Dr Sarah lets Lance release by making him ride her strap-on cock while she jerks him off until he cums all over himself.

Keywords: Femdom, Strap-On, Handjob, CBT

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