Ass Fucked in Chastity by Alexis Grace

Ass Fucked in Chastity by Alexis Grace

Alexis Grace has been teasing the fuck out of Lance Hart ever since she locked his cock away in chastity. Now she has him bent over, ready 2 take her strap-on

She loves making men squirm at the end of her strap-on, and it’s even better that his dick is locked up. He knows there won’t be a happy ending. Alexis fucks him deep n hard. When her huge awesome tits aren’t bouncing from railing his ass, she’s rubbing them against his back.

Then she makes him ride her cock, gripping him by the chastity device, pulling his cock n swollen blue balls, encouraging him 2 ride her cock however she wants. Eventually, Lance starts 2 think that he might actually cum from her cock rubbing against his prostate. She encourages him to grind on her shaft until she can feel his cock n balls pulsing against the chastity device, then rips him off her cock. If she never lets him cum, he will be begging her 4 a chance to ride her cock again…

Once she knows she has reduced Lance to a complete ass slut, she pretends like she is going 2 unlock his cage, then throws away the key… Evil…

Keywords: Femdom, Chastity, Pegging, Strap-On, Slut Training, Fishnets, Huge Tits, Bouncing Tits, Blue Balls

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10 min

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