AstroDomina – Desperate For A Woman’s Dick

AstroDomina - Desperate For A Woman’s Dick

Life isn’t always peaches n cream. Sometimes, you just have to dress like a sissy n act like a sissy!

After Sydney Max’s boyfriend cheated on her, she took it to the extreme. Gone is the girl who was nice and fuzzy. It’s been replaced by the unruly dominant who will stop at nothing to make sure that she gets what she wants, how she wants it. Her rules are simple. Dress up like a girl, get fucked like girl, whore yourself out like a girl, but all done in chastity! So the world knows who the real bitch is in the relationship. Sure enough, her boyfriend will do everything to get back to her good graces, even if it means that she has to dress up like a bimbo, talk like a dumb slut, and take it up his ass for her own personal pleasure!

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