In The Dead Car

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Omg! Real Russian amateur young femdom clip here. Hidden cam into a car. Three young ladies humiliate a driver. Cruel facebusting, bootlicking, human ashtray and verbal humiliation.

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Breaking My Human Equine to the Saddle Pt 2 Latex Pony Play


After working my pony into an exhausted (and erect!) lather, he is ready to be brushed down and introduced to the next stage of his torment!
In my initial working over of this fresh pony slave, I discover that (for once) my horse trading friend was telling the truth. This slave really IS hung like a horse.
This ungelded stallion poses an interesting set of challenges, even to an accomplished horse training Mistress. With his cock and balls still intact, this proud creature still thinks he is king of the herd! He must be brought under my control as soon as possible, to prevent him from running wild and spreading that sense of rebellion to the rest of my mares.
So once I have worn him out in the longeing circle, I am ready to imprison this proud and exhausted pony and prepare him to be BROKEN TO THE SADDLE.
This is an exciting part of horse and human pony training. This is the proving ground where the horse learns that I am the boss! If I do not succeed in properly breaking the pony and asserting my dominance, then I will have to deal with uppity and provoking behavior from him until the matter is settled decisively. It is always better to get it right the first time, so I take no risks with this spirited new acquisition. From his bit to his boots, I lock him down firmly to the bondage pony bench to keep him in the proper position for mounting…

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This Is Maxcita – Part-7

maxcita femdom

This is Amanda Wildefyre at her finest. In this video she’s testing the strength and durability of Maxcita’s custom bondage chair. Max talks about the history and detail of the chair while Amanda restrains her test subject Hudson. Once he’s secured, Amanda hooks an E-stim to his butt-plug, clamps to his nipples, and the testing begins. This video demonstrates Amanda’s finely honed dominatrix skills while orchestrating this intense scene.

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Electic CBT Suspended Cage Part 1 – Into the Cage and Wires

Electic CBT Femdom

Electricity is a wonder of the modern age. High tech sex toys can provide incredible pain or incredible pleasure.
My slave is wired into a tens unit with a microphone that detects the sound of my voice to deliver a painful SHOCK to his family jewels!
Now I don’t even have to touch him with my hands. I can hurt my slave from across the room without raising a finger.
I can torture or pleasure my slave with just the sound of my hypnotic voice.
Electricity is such a time and energy saving invention!
I enjoy watching him struggling to stand in his sky-high fetish ballet boots while I put him through a CBT “sound test.” He won‘t be able to move an inch in any direction once I have him restrained in a restrictive metal cage. I especially like that every bar in this apparatus is adjustable and LOCKABLE for maximum bondage intensity.
Now he is completely at the mercy of my voice and the electrodes wrapped around his helpless cock and balls.

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Results of Long Term Chastity Part 2 Pleasuring Mistress Alice

Mistress Alice

I use my slave as human furniture for my own masturbation pleasure once she is horny and worked up from the cbt.
This is as close as my chastity sissy has gotten to my pussy in months. I am wet, ready and hovering just above her as I give myself a noisy orgasm.
If sissy had a bigger cock, she might stand a chance but nature has built her to be the perfect cuckold in chastity instead. Maybe later she can orally please me to make up for her genital shortcomings.
I use the dildo to demonstrate my cocksucking skills and show her how a REAL man would fuck my tits. Soon she gets to pleasure my pussy with her cock gag.
This is the closest thing to sex that I have given her in ages… she fucks me with passion and fury. I think she secretly hopes that if she fucks me hard enough with the big black dildo, then her real cock might feel something.
I lock her back into chastity once I have had another noisy orgasm. I cum hard enough that I squirt on her chin, but the gag prevents her from licking me.
Chastity slaves need to learn that it is not all about their pleasure – it is about their keyholder!

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Inflatable Rubber CBT Pt 4 Over Inflation Latex Smothering Bondage

aliceinbondageland latex

An interesting experiment.
Which will pop first? My slave or his inflatable black rubber sex suit?
I love the compelling image of the bulging, hyper-inflated heavy rubber pulled even tighter by thick black leather straps. This slave can’t see it, but you can!
I am tormenting my slave-under-pressure and he’s endured almost an hour of severe bondage and cbt. Now, I am convinced that this latex catsuit can get even BIGGER. I am going to see just how big I can pump this slave up!
If he passes the test, I have even more painful cbt in store for him… after all, his helpless cock and balls are the ONLY part of his body not encased in at least 2 layers of thick black rubber bondage.

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Master Cottonmouth FemDom Threesome – Suspension Bondage CBT Handjob

femdom threesome

Once her slave is suspended from the ceiling, Master Cottonmouth and I have him right where we want him… spread wide to expose his massive balls.
Like his balls, this submissive is dangling helplessly in space. Nowhere to go. No ability to dodge out of the way, even if we use riding crops, canes, paddles and more to torment him!
I particularly love the high-kicking ball busting. What an incredible visual!
Her well-hung slave gets harder and harder as we bust his balls.
Spanking, squeezing, kicking, crushing, scratching, sucking and biting… His cock gets bigger and bigger but I think his testicles are getting bigger and bigger too. They are turning a series of fascinating different colors as we tease and torment him. The purple is a nice shade. Maybe that means they are ripe to be harvested?
The most painful part of this whole escapade isn’t the ball kicking, however, it is the home made cbt toys using curlers and rubber bands to crush his nuts in a spiked nightmare. He claims that toys like this were his first creations as a teenager… so I am sure it is a familiar pain and put a few EXTRA ones on for good measure.
We have him by the balls, literally, and the locked spreader bar combined with leather suspension harness means he isn’t getting down until we break them or he delivers a creamy fireworks show even under “extreme duress!”
Sometimes the only way out is through.

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