Balls Kicked To Mush (1080 HD)

Ba11s Kicked 2 Mush

Mistress Harley n I agree, the mean girls need a new SLAVE BODY GUARD 4 the M. but regular body guards have BALLS – and balls are weak n distract men. There are just waay 2 many HOT girls here 4 a regular slave 2 do his job right. We Mean Girls need a dedicated, committed, NUTLESS EUNUCH SLAVE 2 stay focused on its job. So we picked a new random slave we just acquired 2 be our new eunuch bitch. Of course, there are several ways of castrating a slave – but NONE are as much FUN as strapping it into our ‘Ballbusting Device of Deaath n kicking his ball 2 utter MUSH. (This thing is BRUTAL – literally ALL of the slaves at The M fear being locked into this thing! U might as well just say goodbye 2 your balls LOL!) There is no way this loser could get out when the straps are pulled tight, his hands cuffed, legs in straps n of course a hot girl holding on 2 his leash at all times! We take turns demolishing his testicles with ultra-hard kicks 2 the slaves nuts until its balls are PULP. Sometimes he get so distressed he foolishly attempts 2 close his legs but we just crank the wenches some more n pull his legs back into passion as needed. Even if it takes all night 2 completely destroy its balls, it will be worth it. Besides this is what we do 4 fun anyway LOL!

And just a little background on this clip – we REALLY hurt this slave. Its balls really WERE turned 2 total much by the end of this! And he was in like total AGONY the whole time! LOL! I just kept looking into his eyes n drinking in his suffering – as he was strapped in & helpless with his balls all vulnerable n exposed 2 our kicks.


Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Bondage, Extreme Domination, Harley, Carmela

722 mb
8 min

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