Backtalk Ballbusting

Backtalk Ballbusting

True Story: This slave (and we use that term loosely) was not used to being a polite, obedient sub n was actually BACKTALKING 2 us at Mean Girl Man0r! He was here once before as a ballbusting slave n after he left he had the nerve 2 write emails to us whining about how we didn’t fulfill every one of his twisted fantasies as if this was some kind of escort session. He even got mad n called us cunts in an email when we spelled it out that he was old n ugly n was lucky even to just get kicked by hot girls like US! Well, FYI, this is no fake dungeon where u get lightly kicked n gently whipped. We`re mean girls and we think it’s funny when u find out this 4 real n u start literally BEGGING 4 mercy. LOL

We had to stop several times because he kept saying he wanted softer kicks!!??! I mean, I know me n Carmela kick HARD, butwtf? (Oh, and this is from the same slave that sent Us texts the day of the shoot saying he WANTED really pointy-toed boots n bragged about how he had won ballbusting contests???) OMFG Anyways, watch his reaction to REAL Mean Girls at work Sorry this is a short clip coz this disrespectful idiot quit in like no time and got kicked out of MGM. (Why the FUCK would u say I can take anything and then COMPLAIN that the kicks are too hard when u get here??? OMG this loser was SUCH a waste of Our time!!!)

Princess Cindi

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