Ball Breaking Boss Cadence Lux

Ball Breaking Boss Cadence Lux

Your boss is a hot blonde. She wears tights skirts, bright red lipstick n thigh high stockings 2 the office. She called u in because u fucked something up at work.

“I don’t want 2 fire u. I think the best way 2 handle this is 4 me 2 destroy your balls…”

She’s going 2 invite all the women in the office 2 surround u and stomp your balls out. It’s going 2 be a team building event 4 them, and punishment 4 u.

U will beg 4 mercy. U will not get it.

“U look scared… Awe.”

Keywords: Ballbusting Talk, Ball Stomping Talk, Sexy Boss, Femdom Boss, Femdom POV, Tight Skirt, Garters, Thigh High Stockings, CBT Talk

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