Ball Busting Chicks – Men with small dicks get kicked in the balls!

Ball Busting Chicks - Men with small dicks get kicked in the balls!

She calls him “small cock freak” and similar nice things… This makes his small cock shriveling even more! The rude woman in black pantyhose humiliates n punishes him totally by hard kicks in the balls and verbal degradation. She makes fun of his little genitals and hurts them like hell. The merciless Mistress hit him hard in the face with her leather gloves as she tells him that women don’t want baby dicks… Of course the hardest punishment with incredible pain are the hard kicks in his nutsack with her shiny black high heels. It seems she wants to kick the balls back in their body cave when she kick them full frontal. At least she is satisfied that at least his balls are big enough for being t*rtured. The female sadist grabs them, pulls them up to slap them hard with her gloved hand. This and the kicks from behind make him scream with pain n grunt like a pig…

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