Ballbusting Pantyboy

Ballbusting Pantyboy

Get this clip 4 less money here Ballbusting Pantyboy New slaves mean new rules. This one is not allowed 2 even look at Me till I break him in, by that I mean breaking his balls. I make him wear My panties over his head 2 deprive him of My beauty till I deem him worthy to gaze upon his Empress. In the mean time I going to see how badly he wants 2 be here by pulverizing his nuts. I just keep smashing My boots into his weak balls I don’t care how many times he falls 2 the ground or how much he is hurting. Imagine Empress Jennifer actually carting about a slaves pain, that’s a big LOL. The fun part is he doesn’t even know when the kicks are coming so it’s a total surprise at the moment of impact, HAHA, CLASSIC. I love new slaves!

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