Balls destruction punishment

Balls destruction punishment

Recently, I was kind enough to play a game with My slave, giving him the opportunity to see My breasts, but he disappointed Me; he was able to offer Me only SEVEN orgasms to ruin, not many enough for Me to uncover My breasts. Does he not want to see My breasts? One more might be enough, but it seems he can’t do it. It is insulting to see his flaccid prick in front of Me, when I want him to cum, so he will pay for this. If he can’t give Me any more cum, that means he doesn’t need his balls, and his cock neither, so they must be destroyed. He knows he deserves that, he is not man enough and will never again have the chance to see My breasts again. He’s lucky I don’t just rip his balls off completely. This clip shows a part of a private session as was filmed with the camera on a tripod n no additional lighting.

Keywords: Ezada, Ball Abuse, CBT, Humiliation, Femdom, Female Domination, Free, Handjob

278 mb
5 min

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