Beaten For Fun And Profit (1080 HD)

Beaten For Fun And Profit (1080 HD)

I open this clip by talklng directly into camera n explaining the strange circumstances of this beating. This is a paid a custom clip, and the person who ordered this custom video paid me a lot of $ up front to do it, obviously. But the kicker is that the fan that ordered this custom promised to pay me a bonus of even MORE $$$ after he sees the clip based on how badly I beat my slave in the video! So basically the worse I beat some worthless, piece of sh!t, insignificant slave- the biggger MY bonus $$$ will be! I love this concept! It’s like stepping on a bugg and the more u squish and grind it into the pavement under your shoe, the more you get PAID for it! I mean, who cares about the BUG?? All I am doing is counting the DOLLAR signs! LOL! So I go on to actually explain that right into the camera – that basically this worthless slave I am going to use for this clip literally means nothing to me and it is just a “thing” for me to beat on as much as I want to make as much easy $$$ as possible! (and the slave will get NOTHING and it better be GRATEFUL for it!! HAHA!)

So I then go outside and take the slave out of its cage where we keep it in the back yard of MGM. (But first I taunt it through its cage about how badly its going to be beaten and how its suffering is all going to be for MY profit!! The more it SUFFERS – the more $$$ I will make from the fan that ordered it! After I take it out of its cage, I gag the slave while taunting it some more and make it promise to take EVERYTHING to please me and MAXIMIZE my profit!! There will be no stupid “safe words” and no stopping until I feel that I have totally maximized my “bonus”!! I tell it point-blank that this is its PURPOSE in life and I get to beat on it AS MUCH AS I WANT so I can make as much $$$ as possible off its suffering. I mean, my God, Im literally laughing right in this loser’s face about how “fun” this is going to be for me to beat it, abuse it, and torture it – for MY profit. And it just fucking drools at my feet and takes it- because I am fucking HOT. Haha. I love owning slaves to abuse for my own amusement and profit. What a great life I live… I`m so glad I was born as ME (a hot girl) :) and that so many losers were put on this earth for me to literally use as SLAVES for whatever I want! :)

Oh, and FYI – I take this slave waaay beyond it’s limits and he actually cries!! haha! But hey, I want more MONEY! So the beating CONTINUES until I feel that I have maximized my “beating bonus”! Tears from insignificant SLAVES do not matter to me – only MAXING MY MONEY matters!

Princess Beverly

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, POV, Findom, Princess Beverly, Beverly, Cage, Financial Domination, Latex, Beatdowns, BDSM, Whipping

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