Bet We Broke His Balls

Bet We Broke His Balls

Roxanne Rae is stuck in a one year lease with Lance Hart. Her and her friend, Jessica Robbins have already humiliated him by fucking him in the ass with strap-ons, now they just want to abuse him…

The two hotties walk in on Lance, naked on the couch. They are just wearing black leggings. They get him off the couch and take turns kicking, kneeing n squeezing his balls. Roxanne tells her friend to smother his face with her ass while Roxanne kicks n slaps him in the nuts. Jessica starts to enjoy the muffled screams into her pussy. Her huge natural tits bounce while she giggles, until she leans over to give Lance’s balls a big hard squeeze.

They put Lance flat on the floor beneath them. They make him spread his legs wide and take turns kicking him, talking about their next evil plans 4 him…

Roxanne Rae and Jessica Robbins have been having a lot of fun kicking, kneeing, squeezing n slapping Lance Hart’s balls. They start to wonder if they broke him… They make a bet of $1 on whether or not he can even cum anymore. They don’t feel like fucking him or sucking his cock, so they make him jerk off in front of them.

Jessica is betting that his balls don’t work, so while he jerks off, she knees him in the balls. Roxanne is betting that they do work, so she makes out with Jessica n plays with her huge tits in front of him. Then she straddles him and grinds on him. Jessica doesn’t want to lose so she grabs his balls n starts slapping them. Lance is just desperately trying 2 jerk off any way he can to empty his sore blue balls.

Roxanne gets aggressive n lubes up her feet, wraps her arches around his cock n starts giving him a foot job. Jessica stands over him, and tells him that she is going to stomp his balls flat if he cums. Lance blows his load all over Jessica’s black leggings, and she was not bluffing… she plants the ball of her foot on his sensitive nuts and grinds them in, moving her hips from side to side. The girls walk away giggling, leaving him in agony on the couch.

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