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JohnHaze on CRUEL MISTRESSES – Sharpshooter Amanda - Mistress Amanda
11 Jul, 2020

I hope you flog me while I am screa...
femaledom on The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum - Branding My Bitch (1080 HD) - Burning
16 Jun, 2020

please more upload mean girls...

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Blubber Boy Humiliation: Sadistic Trainer Tessa Degrades You

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“It disgusts me to look at you. You’re a flabby disgrace. Have you no self-control? Since you can’t stop stuffing your face like a big fat baby, I’m cutting off your access to the kitchen. I will ration your meals and put them on the floor for you to eat at my feet in a degrading doggie bowl. Like the disobedient puppy you are…”

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14 Jul 2012

Thanks. Glad you liked it. I hadn’t really nceoitd the chair until you pointed it out, but yes, it’s kind of cool. Kind of a St. Georges chair, which is one of my favorite types of BDSM furniture. Not only open and vulnerable, but you get to watch the domme enjoying herself, which is always important to me. I think rather than being a masochist I might simply have a fetish for happy sadists!

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