Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy, Lola and Noe – Cow Left in Deplorable Condition made to Perform Double Shift (Part 1+2) (1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2 - Amadahy, Lola and Noe - Pedicure Party Leaves slave with a Full Belly (Part 1+2) (1080 HD)

When Taylor left her shift at work, she left cow andy in deplorable condition. It’s in chastity as per protocol, but the testicle bind has not been removed, nor have the electrodes. Andy has been left on the bench to be shocked repeatedly for no reason for 45 minutes. This is very inefficient and counterproductive. Teasers can have fun with the cows, but a cow’s real purpose is monetary. Profit is the bottom line, and anything that interferes with a cow’s profitability is not good. Lola comes into andy’s stall to check on the shift change. She finds andy in a terrible state and calls Taylor to reprimand her. Taylor makes the excuse that work makes her really horny and she had to rush home to fuck her boyfriend. Lola doesn’t care. The condition of the cow does not lend itself to optimal profitability, which is ultimately the company’s mission. Lola is frustrated that now she will have to clean up Taylor’s mess. Upset by the undisciplined teaser and also feeling a little sorry for andy, everyone’s favorite cow, Lola records the incident. Andy continues to suffer through electric shocks as Lola records. While Lola documents the infraction, Amadahy and Noe enter for their shift. The girls greet each other and make small talk about the workplace environment for a while. They review the end of shift procedures together, just so that another disruptive incident like this doesn’t happen again. They decide that in order to make up for lost time, they will just keep andy on the bench, since he’s already there. Poor andy will have to work a double shift. Lola removes andy’s chastity and starts to prime him for application of the receiving tube. Amadahy grows the cow’s erection by sitting on its face. Amadahy knows the cow can’t resist her ass. Although andy is tired, he immediately responds to the stimulation. Soon the teasers have a good erection to work with. Lola applies the milking receiver and limiter to keep it in place. Since the testicle rope and electrodes are already in place, they just leave them as is for the sake of efficiency. Amadahy does a little tightening on the bind, as Taylor did a sloppy job of that too, and andy is all set to start his second shift. Andy really demonstrates why he is everyone’s favorite cow. He is such a champ and really works hard though his second shift. The teasers have him bouncing right on the edge of orgasm and are collecting a lot of profitable pre cum form the good cow. The teasers are all really happy that they seem to be making up for lost time. With the schedule back on track, Lola leaves. Amadahy and Noe continue with the shift. Part two of this clip picks up two hours later. Andy is still doing a good job producing his pre cum under the observation and control of his beautiful teasers, even though he is exhausted. Lola reenters to begin the end of shift protocols. Amadahy reveals that andy did have a panic attack on the bench. They all agree, though, that the cow’s mental state is really secondary to its productivity. So long as the cow’s body is still producing, a mental panic attack is no cause for concern. The teasers should really be congratulated for pulling such a profitable day out of such an exhausted cow! Lola wants to just do a real quick demo of a new feature to the software. They’ve added a new manual shock button to the cow’s control panel. It’s a very strong electrical current, stronger than denial shocks. The manual shock is intended for use as severe punishment. Now, andy has done nothing wrong, in fact he’s really been a trooper, but since he’s already on the bench, Lola just wants to use him for this quick demo. Lola pushes the manual shock button for the teasers edification. Over and over Lola tells andy that he has been a good cow while he is electrocuted. She wants him to know that even though he is receiving what feels like a punishment, he is not really being punished. The teasers ask for some clarification. So Lola demonstrates the manual shock button again. The teasers feel as though they would understand it better if the demo were more hands on, so Noe and Amadahy each take their own turn pushing the manual shock button. They each take a few moments to practice pushing the button. Lola then starts the software’s end of shift program. The end of shift program takes a while, as it gradually eliminates the cow’s erection. Amadahy wants to use the potato masher, like she usually does, but Lola says that the company isn’t letting them do that anymore. In the past, too many cows were damaged by mallets, hammers, various heavy blunt objects, so there has been a prohibition on using this method to remove erections post shift. Reason sited: a damaged cow cannot produce. So the women wait for the automation to run its cycle. They get a little bored and tap their heels. The cow cries out in agony, but the teasers only become re interested once the voltage reaches 100 percent. Andy has survived it all! Amadahy brings up a valid point at shift’s end. Andy has proven that he can pull a double shift and remain productive. If he can do it once, why not every day? Andy’s hard work has earned him a double shift tomorrow and every day after. What a good cow! The teasers are very pleased that what started out as a debacle has turned into an opportunity to set a new standard for andy, and perhaps other industrious cows in their stables.

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