Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Outfit Tester for Bikini Brat Princess (1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2 - Amadahy - Outfit Tester for Bikini Brat Princess (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Amadahy needs for her bikini to be really sexy for this pool party. This boy named Dylan is going to be there, and he is really cute. Amadahy wants his attention, and she’s going to use her cuck to make sure she gets it. Amadahy is going to test all her bikinis on the cuck 1st. The bikini that makes his chastity hurt the worst will be the one she wears for Dylan. Amadahy tests the 1st bikini. It is blue n sequined. She rubs her butt against the cuck’s stupid face, reminding him that the hot bikini is really for Dylan and the cuck is just the tester. Amadahy moves onto the next bikini. It is rainbow sparkle. The cuck is forced to look at her beautiful nude body as she switches bikini bottoms. It is torture for him in chastity. He has been in chastity a long time and serving as a Goddess’ outfit tester is almost too much to bear. Amadahy struts in the rainbow sparkle bikini. “I like THIS one!” She says. Amadahy inspects and taps her fingernail against the cuck’s device. She’s got to try on a third to make sure she chooses the most impressive one. She makes the cuck take off the second bikini bottom for her. The poor, suffering, cuck removes his Princess’ bikini bottom. It gets face slapped for looking at the Goddess’ pussy. He shouldn’t look longingly at things he can’t have. The cuck is literally in tears. He is overcome with emotion and desire for what can never be his. Amadahy chooses the bikini that brought the cuck to tears. She has no mercy for the cuck. While she is off flirting with Dylan, the cuck will have to wait in the bathroom to serve as a toilet for her and her girlfriends.

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791 mb
10 min

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