Brat Princess 2 – Amber and Skylar – Glass Table Foot Fetish Tease (1080 HD) [Foot Worship, Humiliation, Degradation]

Brat Princess 2 - Amber and Skylar - Glass Table Foot Fetish Tease (1080 HD) [Foot Worship, Humiliation, Degradation]

1080 HD Amber (of The Mean Girls) and Skylar (also of The Mean Girls) have thought of a new way to tease their slave. They have ordered him to lay underneath a glass coffee table, and just look at their feet without getting to taste or smell them. This slave has a foot fetish, so this drives him crazy. He desperately presses his lips to the glass, just wishing that he could get closer to the hot girls’ beautiful feet. He knows that it would be very bad to disobey the girls and so he accepts being teased. The view from under the table is so tantalizing, he can see the girls’ soles so perfectly. The girls laugh and mock his desperation. They have complete power over him with just the view of their soles.

After humiliating him for a while through the glass, the Princesses decide to allow the slave to come out from under the table to worship their feet. The foot fetishist is incredibly grateful to be allowed to worship the girls’ feet. Amber and Skylar continue to humiliate the slave while he worships. He is just so pathetic, such a contrast to the girls’ undeniable perfection. Of course, beautiful girls are going to treat a loser like him like dirt. They are just so clearly better than he is in every possible way. The girls make the fat loser crawl around the coffee table, passing him back and forth while he kisses their feet. They record the humiliation to share on social media. Everyone is going to know about his foot fetish now!

Amber and Skylar realize that you (the viewer) are just like the pathetic slave trapped underneath the coffee table. You too, are stuck watching their perfect feet from behind the glass. You will never be able to smell or taste the perfect feet of a girl like Amber or Skylar, but you can enjoy the tease on your screen.

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