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Brat Princess 2 - Ivory and Kat - Trick Ivorys Beta into New Debt Contract (1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2 - Ivory and Kat - Trick Ivorys Beta into New Debt Contract (1080 HD)

1080 HD Ivory slaps her beta in the face until it gives up its wallet. After she gets the cash she heads off to the mall, leaving the beta with Kat. Kat tells the beta that she thinks it’s getting an unfair shake. She treats her submissive males a lot better than Ivory treats hers. Kat tries to poach Ivory’s beta by telling him that if he comes to her he’ll be released from his chastity once a month. She’d also let him keep an additional ten percent of his pay. Kat lets the beta worship her feet. It’s been months since Ivory let the beta worship her feet. The beta is starting to think that his life really could be better with Kat. Kat tells the beta that she would love to be his keyholder, but’s she’s worried about Ivory. Ivory is so greedy. Does he have anything left? The beta reveals that he does have a secret bank account that Ivory does not know about. A rainy-day fund. Kat tells the beta that they can drive to the hardware store right away to get a bolt cutter to cut Ivory’s lock from his chastity. She will take him and offer him better terms. If he agrees to come to her he can be freed from chastity tonight. The beta agrees to become Kat’s. Ivory reenters the room. Kat immediately turns on the beta. The whole thing was a setup. Kat’s been gathering information from Ivory’s beta for her. Ivory suspected that her beta had a secret bank account and now she has proof. The stupid beta fell right into their trap. The girls laugh and slap him in the face and spit on him. During his questioning, the beta did agree to sign a debt contract with Kat and now Ivory is going to hold him to it. The beta will get what he wants and get to serve Kat, but he will also have to still serve Ivory. Now he will have two keyholders to tribute. The girls decide to pull the same ruse with Kat’s slave next. They’re sure he’s hiding some money somewhere, too.

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